Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Knowledge for Sale!

Why is education in this country looked at as a product to be sold--in the capitalist tradition--at a marked-up price that deems it good or valuable. We hear someone went to Harvard or Yale, and we think, wow! they must be really smart. Why? Because they spent too much money learning what they could have learned somewhere else for a different price. Is Harvard a good school because it charges so much for tuition, or does it charge so much for tuition because it's a good school? You'd probably be better off figuring out whether the chicken or the egg came first(hint: chickens love scrambled eggs).

My point isn't really the quality of education at Harvard, I'm sure it's top notch. My qualms are with the ridiculous amounts of money they and the majority of universities find acceptable to charge individuals for that education. Should a person really have to go into debt if they aren't well off just to become educated about their world. Something about this REALLY angers me. I admire countries that provide for their citizens to go to school, not just the ones who want to jump through hoops for handouts, but ALL citizens.

Bottom Line: Why should we fatten the pockets of those in charge at these schools any longer. Our generation WILL pay the price for their greed, unless we stop accepting the status quo, and start asking WHY?

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  1. First, love the new blog. Love your profile. I agree; there is something great about walking around barefoot, feeling the earth.

    "Simple things like laughing with those you love and talking about your day on the front porch while sipping [wine] are the experiences that really matter."

    Now, about your post, I could not agree more. Education is so overpriced it's discouraging. And I won't get into public education. What we learn in those 12 years is damn close to nil. Sad, really.

    Great post!


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