Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Want It All.....and I Want It Now!

Got a cheap espresso maker from my mom (she is aware of my affinity for caffeine), and I must say I am enjoying learning this new art. And when I say Im enjoying it, what I mean is I am becoming increasingly frustrated with it.

A few days ago, I had NO experience whatsoever making espresso, and I almost wish I could go back. I know now that I've opened a can of worms, the likes of which Pandora could probably relate to.

Now may be the appropriate moment to mention I'm nearly (98.5%) sure I have severe OCD. Nowadays everyone seems to have their own idea of what that means, so Ill elaborate. When I start something, making espresso, or yo-yoing, or playing guitar, or writing poetry, or any of a million other things, I have this weird need to amass every bit of info on the subject ever spoken, written, or thought of...enter Google.

Now this seems at first like a good thing, to be well informed, and is a product of the way my brain works. However, the problem is when to stop amassing information, and start doing. When to go from theory, to action, a problem I run into in various disciplines, and one to which I haven't made the slightest headway in finding a solution.

It's as if I want to "figure it all out" and then start, do it perfect the first time.

I can understand that this is foolish, that a thing must be practiced routinely to be developed over TIME....WHAMMO! there it is, I've struck the heart of the issue, I believe. Time...

I am soooo impatient, I want to be an exceptional poet now, I want to make good espresso now, I want to play guitar like Jimi now, I want it ALL, I want it ALL and I want it NOW!!!

In relation to making espresso this has gotten me in a pickle. There's all these techniques, and tools (some of which I don't have), and not only that but there is contention about all these techniques and tools, and im sure there is contention about these contentions....

So here I am with modest tools, some of which are missing, a less than modest know-how of the art of brewing this rich goodness, and limitless ambition to achieve excellence...o and apparently lots of time to figure out how to meld the two.

I guess Ill update you on my search for the holy grail....a modestly priced cappuccino. Until then, Ill be amassing more info, and trying my damnedest to take a break and practice from time to time.


  1. I don't know crap about guitar playing and I can't help you with your quest for the Holy Grail. But I do know espresso. (I'm Cuban--it's in my blood.) Good espresso involves good "espumita." I like the old-fashioned “cafeteria,” but modern machines are pretty swell too. Follow your machine’s instructions for brewing. Set aside the sugar in a mug. When the coffee brews, take a tiny bit of the very first pour and add it to the sugar. Stir, stir, stir until it froths. Voila! CafĂ© perfecto.


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